Ace & Tate,  Afura Store Amsterdam,  Centraal Museum,  Club L’ Avenir,  Hatter Agency,  Hearsay,  Jesper Boot,  Joost Termeer,  Kevin Osepa,  Knit-ted Essentials,  Redwing Amsterdam,  Sample Eyewear,  Studio Koto,  Tatami Homes,  Tenue de Nîmes,  Tenue.,  Tommy Jeans,  The University of the Arts Utrecht,  VBCN,  Westergas


Book design by HouseTMM — 2020

No Thing-Ness is a photobook that revolves around the gaze. Objects or situations become something when they’re looked at or when they are captured by a camera. The book is devided into two sections. One displaying all the photo’s without any graphic interference. The second repeating the first in black and white serving as an archive with info.

Product design by HouseTMM — 2020

Objects in Mirror is a 100 x 25 mm sized mirror that acts as a self reflecting tool designed to confront yourself. The mirror comes with a disclosed form with information and can be easily mounted at home.


Identity Design by HouseTMM — 2020

Sample Eyewear is a new Madrid based brand that produces high quality sunglasses. The brand focussen on the production proces and wants to give the consumer a more detailed look at the craft of making a pair of well designed glasses. Each model is named ‘Test’. Test 1, 2, 3 and 4. The glasses come with a production sheet with accurate sizes and production details


Poster Design by HouseTMM — 2020

The Cold Embrace is a double sided typographic poster that juxtaposes the phrases ‘The Cold Shoulder’ and ‘The Warm Embrace’. The design can be read starting at the top or at the bottom and is printed on two sides of a thermal blanket.


Lookbook by WHATCHAMACALLIT — 2019

Lookbook for Croatian clothing brand SINS’N’PAINS. Their brand and the book are a reflection on commerce within the fashion industry. The book is a collection of posters that are unbound and can be arranged by the user. Holding them together is one single handle inspired by classic plastic shopping bags.


Identity Design, Art-Direction & Branding — 2019

Club L’ Avenir is an Amsterdam based womens clothing brand. For 2020 and their upcoming collections Club needed a new identity and language suiting their vision. A logo system to apply in different scenarios. From clothing labels to campaign posters.


Publication Design — 2017

A visual essay on form and other things beyond reason. ‘Rose is a Rose’ is a collection of small stories and thoughts on aesthetics, form, beauty, vision and desire. Aspects of design beyond reason.

Identity Design and Website by HouseTMM — 2020

Visual identity and rebranding for Amsterdam based fashion label Knit-ted. A brand focussed mostly on knitted garments for women. The rebranding introduced a completely new online shop.


Identity Design & Branding — 2018

Alma or ‘soul’ is a small studio located in Amersfoort that organizes everything from exhibitions to dinner parties. Besides that it can be used for business meetings. Offline and online identity consisting of posters, cards, signing, flags and website design.


Book Design for Suzanne Schols by HouseTMM — 2020

Polite Fictions examines gifting rituals in the diplomatic arena, wherein gifts once had the power to initiate negotiations, ease tensions or send subtle messages.


Identity & Poster Series with Mischa Appel — 2018

No Subject is a music event at EKKO Utrecht without a particular subject. Each edition has a distinct new vibe without a clear subject. The identity is exactly that. Abstract materials, colors and objects take center stage. Anonymous objects transformed into abstract beings. Held together by a framework of typography.


Product Design — 2019