‘NoSubject’ edition 2 - Poster Series. A new design in the ‘NoSubject’ franchise. More ambient, dark and gritty. Anonymous objects transformed into abstract beings Made in collaboration with graphic designer ︎ Mischa Appel.

‘THEATRUM MUNDI’ SS18 COLLECTION. A collection of 20
one of a kind printed t-shirts. As a subject the theorie of ‘the Great
Theater of the World’ in which consumers are players creating an
identity. A theater filled with branding, media, consumption, art, culture,
everything. Individuals trying to create their persona through countless
tries and errors. T-shirts can be purchased for a price of your choice.

‘THEATRUM MUNDI’ SS18 COLLECTION - Booklet. Booklet with overview of the designed layers used to create the Theatrum Mundi T-Shirts. Black and White. VIEW ALL LAYERS OF THE COLLECTION HERE ︎

‘THEATRUM MUNDI’ SS18 COLLECTION - Website Design. Website containing an overview of the Theatrum Mundi collection and the designed layers used to create the Theatrum Mundi T-Shirts. VISIT WEBSITE HERE ︎

Book Design - ‘Rose is a Rose’ a visual essay on form and other things beyond reason. A collection of small stories and thoughts on aesthetics, form, beauty, vision and desire. Aspects of design beyond ration.

‘Beauty is Key’ - Type design

Reflections - Collaborative project for photographer ︎ Jan Pieter ‘t Hart together with graphic designer ︎ Daan Diks. Book and exhibition design.

Shoes experiments - Latex, rubber, foam, paper, ducttape, ceramics, concrete, plastic, acrylics and more.

Koep by Ken - Website design for hairdresser Koep. Single page design with scanned images of products and tools. More to come. ︎

No Subject edition 1 - Identity and Poster design. The first edition of the night without a particular subject. Abstract materials, colors and objects take center stage. Held together by a framework of typography. Made in collaboration with graphic designer ︎ Mischa Appel.

Jacket experiments - Latex, rubber, foam, paper, ducttape and more.

Book design - Portfolio booklet and invitation 2017

‘Vail’ - Sculpture. A work based on the words ︎ ‘mask’ and ︎ ‘veil’.
In literature both of these words and objects are used to hide ones
identity and become something else. It is used to express emotions
such as fear and joy. To praise and to intimidate. From religion to nature.


‘WHATCHAMACALLIT’ - Art space and Collective. Co-founder and part of the WYMCI team. Identity design in collaboration with graphic designer ︎ Michaël Jovanovic. Merch design, type design, identity design and event organizing.

‘Melancholy’ - ‘a gloomy state of mind, especially when habitual or prolonged - depression.‘
We al carry with us secrets and thoughts we keep to our selves. A history and emotions that
make us who we are. What if we litteraly wear this? ‘Melancholy’ combines the bright and
arrogant world of sports, in which players names and history are praised and even sold as
merch, with the idea of carrying a burden. A real family history on someones back.


Ceramics - Exercise in ceramics. A series of dolls. Experiments with temperatures, pigments and form.

Poster Series on the greatest of all time Michael Jordan

‘ttthmsvndgsttt’ - Scarf design as an experiment with self branding.


Open Day 2016 - Poster design for the 2016 Open Day
Graphic Design at the University of the Arts in Utrecht.
Made in collaboration with ︎ Michaël Jovanovic.

‘The Bigger Picture’ - Book design.

G.O.A.T Sculpture - Inspired by the Greatest Of All Time
Michael Jordan. Loud and bold like the American Dream the
sculpture is 210 CM high and 120 CM wide. Welded sheet metal.

‘KONTAKT’ Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016 
Poster design as a thank you to the Frankfurter
Buchmesse for being their guest of honor.
2nd prize out of multiple submissions.